Belle Meade TN

Belle Meade TN

 Belle Meade, TN

Population:  3,057
Nearest City with Population 50,000+ - Nashville

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Average Sale Price in Belle Meade during Calendar Year 2013 was:

A buyer uneducated as to the geographical nuances of Belle Meade should beware. For example, Nichol Lane is a delightful little street running from Brookfield, which bounds the Belle Meade Country Club golf course, to Page Road, which bounds the Percy Warner Park golf course, a public course. The homes with even street numbers (i.e. 1210 Nichol Lane and 1214 Nichol Lane and 1211 Nichol Lane) are in the Belle Meade Highlands, only $150 per square foot.

Structures on Leake Avenue are in Belle Meade; however, the horseshoed streets of LaSalle, Lafayette and Lincoln, which are referred to as the Courts of Belle Meade, sell for as much as $160 per square foot, and the Belle Meade Links (Blackburn, Windsor and Harding Place) often break the $140 per square foot level. Location, location, location ! $475 dollars per square foot one place; a third of that, one block away.

One might be curious as to why the true Belle Meade address carries such a high price tag. One Belle Meade homeowner offered this as an answer. "There is very little crime in Belle Meade. The police department has paid attention when I haven´t," she explained. "The police department alone would be reason to live here."

When looking for a Belle Meade home, its pedigree is as important as that of a racehorse, and in this neighborhood many of the homes come with a remarkable heritage. Today´s discriminating buyers  are knowledgeable about home amenities and these properties in Belle Meade do not disappoint. You will find many beautiful properties in Belle Meade.


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