First Time Buyer Tips

First Time Buyer Tips

First-Time Home Buyer's Report and Tips

Here is what you can expect when you are shopping for your first home.

There are many benefits to buying a home or other real estate.

  • Appreciation: Real Estate has long been one of the only investments you can make that will retain and increase in value. Real Estate generally appreciates every year creating Equity that you can borrow against, should the need ever arise.
  • Pride in Ownership. To show off your new home is a great feeling. You put the work and effort into maintenance and you should be proud.
  • Stability. Owning a home can create a sense of stability and security. You will always have your home to sell should you have a crisis in life. It will be there and usually appreciated in value.
  • Tax Benefits. Your Interest is deductible on taxes. You may claim this as long as your mortgage balance is lower than the price of your home.
  • Property Tax Deductions. Property taxes are dictated by Assessed value of the property. Real Estate Taxes are fully deductible.
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How To Find The Right Home.

Define your parameters in terms of:

  • Location: including proximity to schools, transportation and shopping.
  • Budget: Your payment will depend on a number of factors; current debt, credit worthiness, interest rates and more.
  • Needs vs. Wants. Most everyone has something that they would really like to have in their home. It may be something as simple as a double sink in the master or as vast as a large fenced yard. Setting wants as a need will reduce the number of properties available to view. Decide what your priorities are and be flexible.
  • Bring a camera to showings. Having a digital camera (or your smart phone) with you on showings is important. You should take pictures of the homes that interest you to remind you what you like or do not like about a property. Once you have begun viewing homes, they all seem to blend into each other and you may forget what you like/dislike about a home. Take pictures!
  • Listen to your Agent's Advice about properties. They are professionals in their field and they have seen hundreds or maybe thousands of homes in their career. They know what they are looking at and can probably spot defects that you may not have seen. Your Buyer's Agent has your best interest in mind.
  • Allow your Agent to help you negotiate the very best deal. Agents know how to negotiate repairs, time-frames, and price better than anyone. Let them do their job.

Most importantly, tell your Agent everything. They are good at what they do and they are on your side.

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