Charlotte Park, TN

Charlotte Park, TN

Charlotte Park, TN

Happy Days In Area 3

Are you tired of those high Area 2 prices? Is $150 per square foot getting you down? Then you need Area 3. Yes, Area 3. It sounds like the prices should be higher than in Area 2  but NO!

Area 3 is quickly becoming one of Nashville's most popular real estate locales. Developed in the late 60s for employees of the Ford Glass Plant, the area features street names such as Henry Ford Drive, Thunderbird Drive, Starliner Drive, Comet, Fordomatic (named for the transmission), Capri, Sunliner, Landau (a popular body style), Continental and my favorite, Mercomatic.

Charlotte Park Homes for SaleSimply driving through the development and reading the street signs will give Baby Boomers a huge dose of nostalgia, as will the reasonable property prices.

A home located on Bagleyshop Drive is one of those properties. The 1,300 square feet were recently offered at the astonishingly low price of $90 per square foot. If you're one of the masses who have not had the pleasure of a trip down Memory Lane, follow these directions:

Bop into your car, rev that engine, burn rubber out of the driveway and shag down Charlotte, hang a Ralph onto Henry Ford (stop there an observe a moment of silence in honor of old Hank), then hang a Louie onto Bagleyshop.

During this trek, you will feel as if you have wandered onto the set of The Wonder Years complete with the cast. You'll have fun, fun, fun, till your agent takes your T-Bird property away.

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