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Bet the Ranch

West Meade Homes for SaleWhile the 60s are remembered for the explosion of creative expression and the birth of pop culture, it was during the 50s that the seeds were sown. Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Bill Haley introduced the world to rock & roll. Filmmakers began to push the limits with Asphalt Jungle and Rebel without a Cause. A fellow named Hugh Hefner published the first edition of his new magazine, Playboy, featuring one Marilyn Monroe, naked as a jaybird. It was against this creative backdrop that suburbia was inspired and the ranch was its dominant theme. Let's see, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and ranches. Makes sense to me.

These homes form the foundation on which suburban culture was built and are one of the most popular styles in the established neighborhoods of West Meade and Hillwood.

For over 40 years, ranch-style homes have maintained their popularity  long after Elvis, Dean and Marilyn have passed on. Their floors were originally hardwood, and then covered by carpet in the 60s. Evidently, shag carpet came in two colors, orange or green, and seems to have invaded every structure covered with a roof in the 60s. The 70s brought on the beige carpet, and the 80s and 90s have allowed hardwoods to return and breathe and shine. During the 80s, the floors were stained dark then pickled, while the 90s seemed to leave toward the au natural look, not unlike Ms. Monroe.

Hickory Valley is a winding street that curves through the area known as Hillwood, named for Mr. Horace G. (H. G.) Hill, who lived at the mansion in what is now Hill Place. Hill Place was Mr. Hill's front yard, and Hillwood was his backyard. In Hillwood and West Meade, one might actually spot a contemporary home, which is a rarity in Nashville, but a majority of the homes are ranches. Big, lovely ranches set on Southfork-type lots of one or two acres.

Mr. Hill owned a chain of grocery stores and a few thousand acres of land. When he wasn't grocering (now known as Krogering or Teetering), he was developing land, constructing houses and building a dynasty. Good work if you can get it.

The ranch-style homes in West Meade and Hillwood are usually of top-quality construction and are situated on rolling lots loaded with mature trees. Most of the homes are only one- or two-owner homes due to the popularity, serenity and security of the area. This popularity has led to the recent demise of a number of old ranchers (homes, not cattlemen) in the area. Tear-downs have become the norm, with grand houses of various designs blending in among their ranch-style neighbors. Bet the ranch, indeed.

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